Thursday, May 12, 2011

AgileBI with Pentaho Business Intelligence

This is about a 9 minute demonstration on AgileBi using Pentaho Data Integration...

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Pentaho LDAP Integration

In this short video I give a quick demonstration of Pentaho integrated with a 3rd Party LDAP. I will be working on creating a cheat sheet on how to configure what I show in the video, but for now...for your viewing enjoyment...I give you the video:

Monday, May 09, 2011

Using a Pentaho Data Integration Data Source with the Pentaho Report Designer

Pentaho Report Designer can consume an exported Pentaho Data Integration Transformation file (.ktr) as a data source to provide data to a Pentaho Report. The following steps walk you through the best practice when using this type of data source.

1. Export your transform to XML… from Pentaho Data Integration and save your .ktr file to a location on your computer

2. Import your transformation into your report as a Resource. In Report Designer, create a new blank report, select File -> Resources... -> IMPORT -> Select the ".." and browse to the transformation you exported in step 1, input an Entry Name (this name will be referenced later so please remember it), and then select text/xml for the Content-Type, then click OK and Close.

3. Right click on Data Sets and Select "Pentaho Data Integration", click the "add a new query" button

4. Build your report and publish it to the server as you normally would.

5. Please note that a Transformation with a limited result set (limited number of rows) is recommended at first. The design process will pull data from the transformation in real-time.

6. Publish to and access from Pentaho BI Server as you normally would any other Pentaho Report

7. There is a reference Techcast in greater detal located here: