Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Radical Innovation

Still working on my recording, unfortunately Camtasia is not as easy to work with as Pentaho...speaking of Pentaho, I recently read an interesting article in the Harvard Business Review, "Wall Street Is No Friend to Radical Innovation" by Julia Kirby. In it she talkes about a study by Mary Benner of the Wharton School that was publish in Organization Science that examined the way that security analysts research and report on incumbent firms in industries undergoing disruptive change (take for example BI). "She finds that analysts tend to speak glowingly about innovations from major players that extend old technology, while downplaying the initiatives those firms have under way to capitalize on the next wave of technology"

To this I say, hmmm, and look at the latest press releases of Pentaho and say to Wall Street...don't miss out, here are only two of many examples: